Getting the Most Out Of Your Data – Public Sector Looks Beyond the Dashboard

5 January 2021 Rosie Fea Author avatar

There was a time when business intelligence meant visualizations , dashboards and the presentation of data from analysts to the wider organization. Few had access to it. Even fewer could review the available information, analyze it and develop business-critical insights.

Today, those dashboards are more intuitive, more advanced and more user-friendly than ever before. They support users from across all different functions of organizations to analyze and make decisions based on data – and this isn’t going away. Today’s leaders see data beyond the dashboard and as an enabler of new business models and opportunities.

To unlock the full value of data, public sector organizations need solutions that transcend traditional BI and infuse data into operational workflows. Leading organizations choose a platform to power data experiences; one that will deliver actionable insights at the point of decision, create new value streams, and infuse data into end results and workflows to provide the best possible service.

But there is a problem. Many in the public sector feel completely overwhelmed by this surge of data. While there are new and exciting opportunities emerging for departments to connect with customers and prospects, many are finding it harder to separate the signals from the noise and to get the insight they need from their database to deliver truly great results – and this challenge has only been exacerbated since the onset of the Covid-19 crisis. The public sector needs to take a few clear steps before they can begin extracting value from data while providing a better experience for their customers.

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