Public Sector Data and Analytics in 2020

Building and improving service, strategy, and operations through data and insights.

“The analogy I use is if you had a jigsaw puzzle: we know the pieces, we’ve got them all in front of us; we know what the end result should looks like, because there’s a picture on the box; but there’s an awful lot of pieces thrown around in there, and no one’s giving us instructions on any of it. So the question becomes, how do we fit it all together?”

David Stephens, Chief Data Officer, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Topics Include:

  1. Dealing with sensitive data and privacy to provide insights
  2. The data ecosystem
  3. Organisation-level data and analytics systems
  4. Using data to get to the heart of improving
    public transport
  5. Integrating data to tell the story of a city
  6. Focusing on open data

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