Pivot-al Learnings: PSN's transition to virtual events

28 January 2021 Rosie Fea Author avatar

Last spring, we at Public Sector Network took all of our programming online, beginning with our Digital Inclusion event. ( It’s hard to believe that our second edition is next week! ) We have been learning and growing ever since then!

Here are a few takeaways:

  1. Our networks are even more important when we can’t be physically together. Much like communication these days, we have to be a lot more intentional and proactive about knowledge-sharing. We don’t just pick up new ways of doing things through osmosis while at the office, so it’s important to take an hour or two and commit to professional development.
  2. There are so many opportunities to collaborate. Virtual events have enabled us to share thought-leadership from all levels of government across the country. Great work is underway to drive innovation in Canada’s public sector and it’s been exciting to see the level of engagement at each event. Project learnings can be shared, initiatives can be aligned and you can even find an accountability buddy to help see your ideas through! Below is a snapshot of the organizations who are already signed up for our February events. Don’t miss out on being a part of that discussion.
  3. Quick wins are as valuable to share as big ideas. When we are talking about large-scale change, a program like the Public Sector Innovation Show can help turn ideas into action. We also have short programs focused on one tool, technology or initiative. Take last week’s Chatbots and the Future of CX program . One piece of knowledge shared can create a tiny tweak in your project that unlocks capacity, resources and inspiration.

It starts with connecting and sharing and we are delighted to provide you with a few great learning opportunities this February for those interested in IT and Innovation in the public sector .

February events in our ICT Community:

  • Blockchain Application in Public Sector – February 5
  • Migrating to the Cloud – February 11
  • Public Sector Innovation Show Federal February 24-25

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