Improving Contract & Supplier Management

11 January 2021 Rosie Fea Author avatar

The procurement industry has been greatly affected by COVID-19 and will continue to feel the aftershocks for a long time. It is a crucial industry that provides critical services, and it is also an industry that is innovative and adaptive.

This paper follows the journeys of three public sector institutions from three jurisdictions as they navigated the pandemic. Each dealt with the crisis differently and each discovered that the crisis left them wanting, but maintaining good relationships and working with suppliers to get through the crisis served each of them well, and provides lessons to others.

Key Takeaways:

  • COVID-19 has greatly affected the procurement industry, and impacts of the pandemic will be around for a long time
  • How the pandemic has affected each institution differently
  • Having good relationships before the pandemic struck allowed supply chains to continue to operate during the pandemic
  • The procurement industry has the capability to deal with crises
  • The pandemic has caused some institutions to change or refresh some of their practices
  • Post-pandemic, it will be not only about costs but about relationships and values
  • Continuing to maintain good relationships will be beneficial for everyone

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