How can we Change the Perception of Governance and Risk Management?

When someone says ‘governance’ or ‘compliance’ immediately our minds turn towards red tape, rules, regulations and bureaucracy.

But that’s not necessarily the case. In fact, when integrated strategically, and supported by a culture of integrity corporate governance can help to mitigate risks, assure compliance and enable your department to achieve goals and drive improvements all while improving ethical standing in the eyes of citizens.

Achieving this is often a complex process however that requires a reassessment and appraisal of current and future operating processes as well as a cultural transformation to help educate and bring the entire organisation on board.

At the recent Corporate Governance, Risk & Compliance virtual event we surveyed over 100 A/NZ public sector professionals to learn more about their governance challenges, priorities and innovation initiatives.

Check out the findings below. Is the perception of governance your biggest challenge too?

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