Holistic Transformation – achieve more with less

Transformation programs are changing the way local governments are serving their communities. Most public sector programs will face similar challenges such as organisational silos, legacy technology platforms, traditional operational models and legislation and the list goes on. Amidst these and other challenges, Glen Eira City Council embarked on a transformation program, GETT Glen Eira Transforming Together. The program was launched under the leadership of CEO Rebecca McKenzie in July 2016 and was one of the first in the sector to bring a comprehensive, multi-pronged approach to transformation. The unique program was conceptualised to be an ambitious, all-encompassing initiative with the intended outcome of business and cultural change. It was developed in consultation with the Glen Eira management team and staff under my leadership as their Chief Transformation Officer. For Glen Eira the key to transformation is much more than developing new strategies or improving processes online. The emphasis needs to be on combining human experience and behaviour with an innovative approach towards service delivery. A sound base of technical infrastructure and a focus on developing staff skills and competencies has been equally crucial. The GETT program embedded disruptive innovation and focused on establishing strategies and skills across the organisation to embrace and implement new ideas, initiatives and projects. It was intentionally designed to build internal staff capability and ownership rather than just bringing in consultants. It has developed an operational framework introducing effective tools and methodologies for a forward-thinking, evolving Council towards a successful and sustainable future. Following are five key elements that have helped Glen Eira achieve more with less: Comprehensive program Transforming in silos is inefficient as it takes longer to implement change and requires more effort. Hence the GETT program adopted a systematic approach to developing new ways of working that puts customer needs first, transforming service delivery and generating meaningful performance reporting. GETT recognised that most Council services are interconnected. Even a small change in one area can potentially have a ripple effect across the whole organisation so transformation has to be holistic and collaborative. Flexible & evolving platform It is important to embrace rather than fight against your constraints. The GETT program was pragmatic about Glen Eiras starting point and project platforms deployed an iterative cycle of evolve, adopt, implement, assess, repeat. The team began with what they knew and embedded flexibility into their approach so they could begin quickly and evolve as the program matured. This meant the program could get a running start, using quick wins to build confidence and momentum. GETT utilises treatment optimisation, adopting different methods, tools and strategies depending on the situation rather than defaulting to a high-level, unilateral methodology of transformation. Compelling customer journeys Mapping, analysing and understanding the customer journeys was key. The customer value proposition (internal or external) must be the pivot point to inform any initiative or project being implemented. GETT focused on customer experience by firstly understanding pain-points in the customer journey and then through the deployment of service reviews to target improvements. The outcome has been faster turnarounds, a reduction of touchpoints and more efficient deliverables. Community feedback and an increase in satisfaction ratings shows Glen Eira residents have also noticed progress. Bringing people along Transforming Together is a fundamental proposition underpinning the GETT program. It is a principle that enables a value-based culture where all employees are actively engaged in suggesting and implementing changes to help improve as an organisation. Organisational leaders have empowered staff to lead the transformation program, investing in them to develop the skills and abilities that has enabled them to play an active role. An aligned organisational development program has included a review of Council values; a refreshed capability framework; a bespoke leadership development program with a focus on reflective practice and impact. Glen Eira City Council has come a long way since 2016 and the next six months will see full delivery of the first 3-year program of activities realised. For us, now is the time to embed the learning, stretch our thinking and consolidate efforts on another ambitious but realistic portfolio of work for coming years. As Steve Jobs said - I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out whats next. ----- Author: Shweta Babba r, Chief Transformation Officer, Glen Eira Council Read the original article here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/holistic-transformation-achieve-more-less-shweta-babbar/

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