How Modern Healthcare is Being Revolutionized with Automation

5 January 2021 Neb Hamoo Author avatar

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the next level in automation. RPA uses machine learning and AI to effectively handle tasks that are done manually. RPA has made huge strides in Healthcare.

Here are some ways in which automation is revolutionizing the healthcare industry:

1) Solving Rising Costs

A major cause of rising healthcare costs is the growing demand for medical devices and the innovation costs involved in drug discovery. Automation can greatly aid in reducing these costs by modernizing drug and device production and using technology to minimize costs and advance public health priorities. Doing so would help in fast-tracking the assessment of safety and effectiveness of drugs and devices. The collection and analysis of data would also support drug discovery and new product functions.

2) Appointment Scheduling Solutions

Consider the savings in cost and time if tasks like scheduling appointments and reminders were automated. Apps that automate these tasks have freed up valuable staff and resources, allowing them to concentrate on patient care. Some features that these apps make possible:

  • Schedule, Cancel and Book Appointments
  • Email or SMS appointment notifications
  • Feedback mechanism.
  • Extensive Reporting to minimize cancellations and refine processes.
  • Patient management through email and mobile.

3) Security Solutions

A manual error is often the cause for most security breaches. By automating data processing and sharing, healthcare companies can minimize human error. With the help of AI and automation, healthcare providers can enable alerts, monitoring, and prioritization of abnormal behaviour. Predictive analysis, diagnosis, and recommendations can also be automated to ensure that the system continuously learns to detect and eliminate security vulnerabilities.

While we considered just three challenges and the ways in which automation is helping to resolve these challenges, there are many more. To explore this topic in more detail, join us at our Process Automation in Healthcare virtual event on February 10th at 12pm ET/9am PT.

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