Government Communication Plan 2019-20

28 January 2020 Heather Dailey Author avatar
HM Government 2019 The Government Communication Service (GCS) is one of 14 functions that operate across the Civil Service. Our purpose is to deliver world-class public service communications that support ministers’ priorities, enable the efficient and effective operation of public services, and improve people’s lives. We are a Government for the whole country, committed to delivering on the issues British people care about. That means honouring the country’s decision to leave the EU by making Brexit work. And it means building a stronger, fairer economy that works for ordinary working people. By doing that we will build a country that works for everyone – with the world-class public services, cleaner and greener environment and safe and secure streets that the British people expect and deserve. This Government is delivering on the issues people care about: securing the exit from the European Union the nation voted for, protecting and enhancing our National Health Service, building the homes people need, making sure every child gets the best possible education, backing our police, armed forces and security services, and conserving our environment for the next generation. It is by working collectively, both within government and with partners from across different sectors, that we will have maximum effect and achieve meaningful outcomes for society. Reference:

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Government Communication Plan 2019-20
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