Establishing Your Cloud Transformation Roadmap: Three Experts Weigh In

In this edition of the ICT and Innovation blog series we take a look at some best practice strategies from the recent Hybrid IT & Cloud virtual event to help you develop and establish your cloud transformation roadmap.

Cloud uptake is growing rapidly, with the ABS reporting that in 2019 42% of enterprises harnessed some form of paid cloud. This is up 11% since 2017.

Developing and implementing cloud-based solutions, as well as data center consolidation and other technology efficiencies, is a continually evolving journey, with departments at all tiers of government increasingly on the look out for these improvements to existing technologies, configurations, and service and deployment models to help create the appropriate mix of cloud services to better meet requirements.

With departments at all tiers of government turning to cloud for the flexibility and efficiency gains the technology promises  we caught up with three ICT and Cloud experts from the Government of Canada, TAFE NSW and Stats New Zealand to learn their best practice strategies for establishing a cloud transformation roadmap.

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