Council Highlight: Town of Claremont

The Town of Claremont is the local government authority for the riverside suburbs of Claremont and Swanbourne, located just 9kms from the Perth city centre. Like many boutique local governments, the Town provides a wide range of community facilities and assets such as an Aquatic Centre, Hub & Library, regional Museum, lake, foreshore, as well as infrastructure to support a thriving town centre and several schools.

The Town of Claremont is facing similar challenges to most local governments; budget and funding challenges, pressure on housing and density; changing community expectations and attracting and retaining the talent needed to deliver the programs and services expected from the community. So how exactly does the Town of Claremont tackle some of these varied issues and challenges?

Liz Ledger Chief Executive Officer at Town of Claremont (and a speaker at our upcoming Local Government Roadshow) shares some insights.With over 25 years experience within local government and four years as CEO at the Town of Claremont, Liz is well placed to reflect on the universal challenges faced by councils, and what the Town of Claremont is doing to tackle those.

The council at Claremont has invested significantly into major capital works in recent years. This includes the Claremont Museum redevelopment, the McKenzie Pavilion redevelopment and a number of improvements at the aquatic centre.

As the population of Claremont continues to grow and diversify, Liz says the focus for the council is listening to the community and reflecting their aspirations in every council initiative. The challenge is in balancing the desires of the community with State Government requirements, and to protect local characteristics such as the heritage of the town, its open space, tree canopy and other environmental values.

Looking within, Liz Ledger reflects on the culture they have created at Town of Claremont; one where people enjoy coming to work. It’s no secret that the key to a successful council is its workforce. A workforce that is inspired and motivated will help local government achieve its vision and overcome challenges. Liz mentions that their most recent culture survey showed 90 per cent of the staff enjoy their team, feel respected and believe their manager and leaders contribute to a positive work culture.

The Town of Claremont is at an exciting place in terms of growth and development, with a number of important plans that will shape the future of the town, including a local planning strategy and precinct structure plan for the town centre in the works. These plans will guide the design and planning for the town including more commercial, residential and entertainment opportunities. However, while these plans are an exciting part of the town’s future, the key to their success lies in maintaining a motivated workforce – one that can carry the council’s vision for the future.

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