Business Agility – the holy grail for agencies and vendors

Agency leaders are asking their teams to be more innovative and responsive to changing business needs. They are asking for higher levels of business agility. Business agility refers to the rapid, continuous, and systematic evolutionary adaptation and entrepreneurial innovation to gain and maintain competitive advantage. (Wikipedia). While agencies universally agree business agility is a desirable capability, they face several hurdles (some self-inflicted) on the road to their desired state. Vendors also have a crucial role in underpinning an agency’s business agility through innovative offerings and the reduction of legacy roadblocks. This paper identifies hurdles agencies and vendors face in pursuing business agility. It presents multiple opportunities to reduce these hurdles, including a rethink of the engagement between agencies and vendors. #Leadership #IT #CIO #finance #procurement #vendor #agility
Business Agility – the holy grail for agencies and vendors
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