Planning Liveable Futures for Ever-Changing Communities - Green & Sustainable Cities

Rising populations, technological advances, and climate change all mean that cities need to be vigilant about their long-term sustainability. They need to look at the environmental, as well as the social and economic, consequences of their actions, especially when it comes to forward planning.

This paper brings together Australian government officials, city planners, and experts from the private sector. Each has a different focus and perspective, but each is keen to ensure that their city, their state, and ultimately the whole country is well placed for long-term liveability and sustainability.

Key Takeouts:

  • Why it is necessary to plan for long-term sustainability
  • Sustainability is not just about the environment. It is about economic development, infrastructure, waste, recycling, ambition, vision, opportunity, liveability, and data
  • The Western Parkland City in Sydney is Australia’s newest city with lots of opportunity for development, growth, and good planning
  • The City of Hobart may be small, but is using its knowledge and commitment to plan for a sustainable future with data and action
  • Recently available traffic data and insights is key for sustainable infrastructure planning and development
  • The City of Melbourne has been involved in sustainable infrastructure for a number of years and is now using that sustainability knowledge in other ways
  • The Government of Victoria is funding waste and recycling measures across the state and is encouraging reuse and technological development
  • City West Water is ensuring that the west of Melbourne is properly irrigated
  • The ACT Government is strongly committed to sustainability in many ways and has achieved some of their targets, though is also looking to the future

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