Budget Cuts – Mistakes to avoid when budgets are reduced

October 2022 saw the first budget of the incoming Federal Labor government, and like most governments (at the beginning of their term), they made cuts to the public sector. Agencies have faced budget challenges in the past. Various tried (but generally not true) methods have been applied in each case. Most put pressure on service quality and make workplaces less desirable while delivering few sustainable cost reductions. This is the first paper in a series on ‘Managing in a Time of Scarcity. In this paper, we look at old methods for harvesting savings and identify the issues they create. At Public Sector Network Research, we advocate a whole new approach to savings that can deliver immediate and sustainable benefits while maintaining service levels and a quality working environment. Our advice is based on 25 years of hard-won experience in government. Let’s start with why existing approaches are not the answer. #budget #IT #savings #project #governance #HR
Budget Cuts – Mistakes to avoid when budgets are reduced
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