APIs in the Public Sector

22 July 2021 Paris Armstrong Author avatar

Public sector institutions largely exist to improve the lives of citizens, and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are a technology that can assist in achieving that goal.

This paper follows the journeys of three public sector experts as they developed and use API tech to improve services and improve the lives of citizens. APIs can make things more integrated, can allow for the secure sharing of information across jurisdictions, can reduce duplication and operational costs, and ultimately, can improve government services and change lives. The lessons from these journeys can be applied across public sector institutions everywhere.

Key takeaways:

  • In the public sector, technology is designed to improve the lives of citizens
  • APIs are innovative ways that can change how people work
  • Ultimately, APIs are intended to ensure that citizens’ information is better shared and integrated for the best possible public services
  • In Canada, the journey began by looking at the digital integration model from Estonia and adapting it to local conditions
  • The Victorian government began by building API platforms and developing standards
  • Agriculture Victoria has used APIs for accessing data, generating new knowledge, and science outreach
  • Along the way, lessons have been learned, and success factors and benefits have been identified

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