AI in the Public Sector

The amount of data being produced is constantly increasing, particularly in the public sector, and technology is constantly improving.

As such, artificial intelligence (AI), with data at its core, is making its way into the public sector in order to drive efficiencies.

This paper focuses on the data and AI journeys of three data experts from three different institutions. All three agree that AI is creating efficiency and is a viable and popular solution for certain problems, but it needs to be used appropriately and for the right reasons.

  • The amount of data being produced, especially in the public sector, is constantly increasing, and technology including AI is constantly improving
  • With so much data being produced, there is an opportunity to use AI to create greater efficiency
  • Before leaping into AI though, it is important to get the foundations right
  • Getting the foundations right includes embedding ethical guidelines into any AI deployment
  • Though even with ethical guidelines in place, AI is not necessarily the solution for every problem
  • AI has been successfully used in NSW throughout the pandemic, and in other institutions to provide real-time data and solutions to specific problems
  • For the future, it is important that ethical guidelines continue to be embedded into AI solutions, and that AI is used for the right reasons

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