3 reasons to focus on technology improvements in council

The digitisation of services is an inevitable part of council’s transformation. The strategic use of digital technologies can have a myriad of benefits that are not just limited to one department or service.

Benefit your customers

Modern citizens expect their councils to be fluid with regards to how they provide a service. Just like with any other organisation, council customers expect to be able to access and interact with required services online, and on demand. For many customers – driven particularly by the younger generation as well as a global pandemic – the options of in- person, paper-based or even over-the-phone services are becoming increasingly outdated and inconvenient options. Councils need to ensure they provide accessible, secure and streamlined digital service options. Putting citizens at the heart of service design is the key to future success.

Benefit your employees

To be able to provide a streamlined and exceptional level of customer service, council employees need to be equipped with the right tools, technology and training. Without the correct technology and digital solutions at their disposals, council employees can be increasingly disheartened and may be left feeling inadequately prepared to provide such a high level of service. By utilising technology to automate simple tasks, council can improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

Benefit your local economy

Providing faster, smarter and digitally enhanced services to homeowners, businesses and community groups can go a long way in improving the overall local economy and strengthen economic activity. Implementing smart technologies can help attract more businesses, while the data obtained can assist in improved policy and decision-making, further increasing the economic benefit to your council.

To summarise, the strategic use of digital technologies can enhance the lifestyle of residents, help manage the environment, support the local economy and continuously improve the delivery of you council’s services.

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