Public Sector Innovation Show Manitoba

Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Delta Hotels Winnipeg | 8:30 am CT

Event Overview

Over the past few years, the public sector has fast-tracked the adoption of a digital-first mindset. The need to innovate the public service has been of growing importance as staying the same is no longer an option. Innovation has become the new normal and with the landscape continually shifting, public sector leaders must keep up with the speed of change.

Innovation is not just about leveraging technology, organizations are now collaborating and involving industry partners in the design of processes by actively soliciting ideas, gathering feedback, and co-creating better public service solutions.

When we work together with organizations and experts across a wide range of departments, we can turn ideas into real solutions and make them available for citizens. For the Manitoba public sector, this opens the door to reimagine a future in which all citizens have access to the benefits and opportunities of the digital economy. How can public sector leaders continue the transformation momentum and build a culture that is forward thinking and innovative?

The Public Sector Innovation Show is designed to provide inspiration, tools, and information for public sector leaders in Manitoba to drive overall growth in their departments and the province. This event is for the community to meet each other in the context of quality conversations from some of the leading innovative ‘doers’ in the region.

Benefits of Attending

Hear how innovative digital experience strategies and processes are transforming government services to deliver positive outcomes to citizens

Learn how to seize opportunities to enhance integration across departments and agencies to deliver shared outcomes

Discuss how to employ emerging technologies to enable fast, progressive, safe, and efficient operations

Explore ways to create an autonomous and trusting environment to promote innovative thinking within an organization

A Sneak Peek Of Your Inspiring Speakers

Martin Montanti

Martin Montanti
Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement and Supply Chain
Province of Manitoba

Teresa Dukes

Teresa Dukes
Executive Director, Social Innovation Office
Government of Manitoba

Cordella Friesen

Cordella Friesen
ADM, Cabinet Planning and Operations
Government of Manitoba

Leita Kalinowsky

Leita Kalinowsky
Executive Director, Family Resolution Service
Manitoba Justice

Doug Chorney

Doug Chorney
Chief Commissioner
Canadian Grain Commission

Anna Slavina
Director, Data Science Program
Government of Manitoba

Matthew Cutler
Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications and Engagement
Government of Manitoba

Signe Hanson 
Assistant Director, Family Resolution Service
Manitoba Justice

Dr. Diane Gutiw
Vice President, Analytics and AI

Michael Cook
Vice President, Consulting Services

Tyler Young, P.Eng
Director of Consulting Services

Eric Van Iersel
VP –  SAP SuccessFactors

Robert Falzon, Head of Engineering, Office of the CTO, Check Point

Robert Falzon
Head of Engineering, Office of the CTO
Check Point

Simon Weng, Senior Mobile Transformation Consultant, Samsung

Simon Weng
Senior Mobile Transformation Consultant

Greg Marcotte
Solution Sales, Technology Workflows (Tx)

Maurizio Calabrese
ITOM Advisory Solution Consultant 

James Short
Regional Sales Manager

Key Sessions

Government KeynoteGovernment Case StudyGovernment Case StudyRoundtable DiscussionsPanel DiscussionGOLD SpotlightPLATINUM KeynoteGOLD Spotlight

Government Keynote:

Pandemic Readiness Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Martin Montanti, Assistant Deputy Minister, Procurement and Supply Chain, Province of Manitoba

Government Case Study:
Extracting the Value from Public Data to Create the Building Blocks for a Better Public Service 

  • Utilizing data and advanced analytics to drive evidence-based decision making and innovation
  • Building trust and enabling the secure, seamless, and real time exchange of data across government departments and with external partners and trusted institutions
  • Building capacity for data analytics and use in the public sector

Anna Slavina, Director, Data Science Program, Government of Manitoba

Government Case Study:
Modernizing Legacy Processes to Adapt and Meet Citizen Expectations

  • Leveraging technology to address long standing inefficiencies in the framework
  • Delivering seamless experiences by eliminating redundant processes through collaboration
  • Overview of best practices and lessons learned from the pandemic

Leita Kalinowsky, Executive Director, Family Resolution Service, Manitoba Justice

Signe Hanson, Director, Family Resolution Service, Manitoba Justice

Roundtable 1:

Deliver Extraordinary Experiences and Keep Your Digital Services Running 24/7

Greg Marcotte, Solution Sales, Technology Workflows (Tx) ServiceNow

Maurizio Calabrese, ITOM Advisory Solution Consultant, ServiceNow

Roundtable 2:

Trust the Machine: An Open Forum on Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Robert Falzon, Head of Engineering, Office of the CTO, Check Point

Roundtable 3:

Harnessing Industry 4.0 Technologies to Support Collaboration and Innovation

Simon Weng, Sr. Mobile Transformation Consultant, Samsung 

Roundtable 4:

Tools and Strategies to Improve and Boost New Ways of Service

James Short, Regional Sales Manager, Okta

Roundtable 5:

Boosting Digital Transformation Efforts by building a Data-driven Culture

Eric Van Iersel, VP –  SAP SuccessFactors, SAP

Panel Discussion:

Driving Public Service Transformation Strategies by Aligning People, Process and Culture

  • What are the key trends driving transformation strategies within Manitoba’s public service?
  • How to embed the right organizational culture to ensure seamless transformation?
  • How can leaders play a key role to build or support a culture of continuous innovation and improvement?
  • What are the common challenges and barriers to enterprise-wide transformation? How do we ensure that all the functions are on a symbiotic transformation journey?
  • How can organizations work towards breaking down silos and co-developing digital transformation strategies for bigger wins?
  • What tips would you to like to share with those looking to sustain and grow their transformation efforts beyond Covid?

Cordella Friesen, Assistant Deputy Minister for the Environmental Stewardship Division, Government of Manitoba
Matthew Cutler, Assistant Deputy Minister, Communications and Engagement, Government of Manitoba
Teresa Dukes, Executive Director, Social Innovation Office, Government of Manitoba
Doug Chorney, Chief Commissioner, Canadian Grain Commission
Moderator: Tyler Young, P.Eng, Director of Consulting Services, CGI

Upskilling and Reskilling for a Future-Fit Public Service 

Eric Van Iersel, VP – SAP SuccessFactors, SAP

AI-powered Service Operations

Greg Marcotte, Solution Sales, Technology Workflows (Tx), ServiceNow

Mobile Security – The Hackers Next Frontier

Robert Falzon, Head of Engineering, Office of the CTO, Check Point

View the agenda for the full speaker lineup, sessions and event timeline

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Wednesday, June 28, 2022

Keeping You Safe

Public Sector Network will closely monitor COVID-19 regulations in accordance with the advice from the Government and local health authorities to ensure the safety of everyone attending the event physically. In addition, we will be working closely with the venue to ensure precautionary measures are in place.

What Your Peers Had to Say

“Very well organized, it was smooth. That requires a lot of work and many people working in the background. Congrats, good job!”
Employment and Social Development Canada

“Some amazing work is being done and some great advancements have been initiated by the federal government agencies!”
Canada Border Services Agency

“The presenters and the panelists provided very relevant and insightful information.”
City of Leduc

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