Machine Learning Fundamentals
for Public Sector

2 and 3 August 2023 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM AEST | Online

Training Overview

Concepts and Techniques to fuel ML and Data Science Solutions

Machine Learning is emerging as a powerful and versatile tool in the public sector – particularly as AI becomes more widespread.

ML and Data Science (along with AI) have the potential to enhance operational efficiencies, offer valuable insights, and improve service delivery and user experience. In fact, the opportunities are seemingly endless with AI being increasingly used across a range of public-facing services, including traffic monitoring systems and chat-bots. Additionally, it is being leveraged for fraud prevention, law enforcement, national security, and defence, as well as to identify and monitor threatened species. In healthcare, AI is being used to detect sepsis in hospitals, while predictive algorithms are being developed for public transport services to improve road safety and reduce accidents.

This ML Fundamentals for Public Sector online training has been developed for Data Science and ML Specialist with insights to better manage these cutting edge technologies within the conservative public sector setting. It will also benefit professionals who wish to working kick-start and enhance ML and Data Science capabilities within their organisation

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for heads, directors, assistant directors, managers, and team leaders in charged with driving transformation change in all three levels of government including:

Data Science, Analysis and Engineering

Business Intelligence

Solution Architects

Learning Outcomes

Develop basic yet practical working knowledge in data science and machine learning

Master key concepts and techniques to build machine learning models using big datasets

Discover how to structure your dataset in order to build advanced analytics solutions

Learn how experts collect, wrangle and manipulate data for effective data science

Meet Your Facilitator

Felipe Rego
Data Science & Analytics Partner

Felipe is a leading advanced analytics and data science partner, helping teams build, manage and enhance their data science, analytics and data visualisation solutions in a strategically-aligned, commercially-oriented and customer-centred way. With extensive industry experience as well as deep, technical analytical expertise, he helps organisations and teams with Data Science and Analytics Strategy and Governance, Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning solutions, Data Visualisation and Insights Automation and Analytical Training and Workshops. Felipe has an M.Phil. in Electrical and Information Engineering with specialisation in Learning Analytics from The University of Sydney. He is a Google Cloud certified Data Engineer and he also served as a data visualisation and storytelling advisor for the South Australian Health Department’s Commission on Excellence and Innovation in Health’s Clinical Informatics Group.

In addition Felipe is a vlogger in predictive analytics, statistical learning and data visualisation. Last year alone, Felipe had thousands of visitors to his blog from hundreds of countries. His articles have been ranked #1 in google search and referenced by many sources and leading educational organisations worldwide.

Key Sessions

Day 1: Module 1Day 1: Module 2 Day 2: Module 3 Day 2: Module 4
  • Data science and machine learning foundations
    • Explore the fundamentals and historical developments of data science and machine learning
    • Showcase and explain in layman’s terms the latest trends and hot topics in analytics
    • Discuss and define a variety of concepts and use cases in data science and machine learning
  • Organisational structures, roles and technology considerations in data science
    • Learn about how organisations are structuring themselves for analytics
    • Introduce and clarify roles, tools, techniques and tactics needed in data science
    • Discuss key skills needed to drive data science and ML initiatives
  • Building and managing a successful data science capability in your organisation
    • Making sense of your organisation’s analytics capability and maturity
    • Plotting a roadmap from business strategy to data science realisation
    • Understanding of what makes organisations do data science and machine learning right
  • Data visualisation and action-oriented data storytelling to communicate results
    • Contextualise and define concepts in data visualisation for data science and analytics
    • Showcase and explain in layman’s terms the latest trends and hot topics in data visualisation
    • Learn about the latest tools and techniques to create compelling visual data storytelling

  • Fundamentals of applied statistics for data science
    • Explore introductory concepts in statistics and probability
    • Contextualise differences between supervised and unsupervised learning, regression vs classification models, etc.
    • Explore sampling, bias, data quality and other issues affecting machine learning models
  • Introduction to descriptive and predictive analytics in practice
    • Explore and work through an exploratory data analysis (EDA) exercise
    • Introduce and apply a machine learning model to a basic and simple dataset
    • Utilise a popular business tool to interpret and summarise the results of a predictive model
  • Interactive and scalable data science and analytics solutions
    • Introduce and work through a basic supervised learning model using R and Jupyter Notebooks
    • Introduce and work through a basic supervised learning model using a machine learning solution in the cloud
  • Data science and machine learning in action
    • Revisit main themes, tools, techniques and strategies
    • Build a practical action plan to apply learnings to your organisation
    • Group discussion, final reflections and insights


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