Customer Journey Mapping
for the Public Sector

Course 1 – February 1st & February 8th, 2023 | Online
Course 2 – April 25th & May 2nd, 2023 | Online
Course 3 – June 9th & June 26th | Online

Training Overview

A series of training courses designed for public sector executives at various stages of customer journey mapping.

Citizens expect their experience with government services to be as frictionless as when they interact with the private sector. However, the acceleration of digital tools and multiple points of interaction has added many layers of complexity to the delivery of citizen services.

Innovative methodologies and technologies help you to reimagine the customer journey. Attend a training session with Public Sector Network to reinvent your service design, identify pain points, amend infrastructure deficits, and ensure that public confidence in government is supported by positive experiences.

Through an innovative mix of lecture-style presentations, interactive group exercises and expert feedback, the Customer Journey Mapping for the Public Sector online training series will allow participants to improve CX by learning how to map, analyze and engage with each stage of their citizen’s journey to transform service delivery and align with organizational purpose. Under the guidance of our expert facilitator, this training session series will equip attendees with human-centered approaches that help to tackle growing expectations, fluctuating demand, and changing operational environments.

Participants will leave with both theoretical and practical knowledge, as well as implementable strategies they can embed in future projects and share with their multidisciplinary teams.

Who Should Attend

Citizen Experience and Service Delivery Leaders, Managers and Teams

Digital and Online Services Leaders, Managers and Teams

Digital Transformation Leaders, Managers and Teams

Learning Outcomes

Understand what citizen/customer journey mapping is and how to map the citizen’s experience

How to improve the citizen experience and improve your organization’s efficiency

Learn and implement different methodologies to map a customer journey

Clarify who else you should involve in your customer journey mapping projects

Meet Your Facilitator

Catherine Gauthier

M.Sc. CCXP Founder CX4 Lab & Certified Customer Experience Professional

Catherine Gauthier is a certified customer experience professional (CCXP) with over 16 years of experience in analyzing and planning, at both strategic and operational levels, the delivery of services for customers (in various industries, including B2B, B2C and government departments and agencies).

She is passionate about customer experience, inspired by Design Thinking & Service Design methods and on the lookout for new market trends.

Catherine has been involved in more than 50 projects for the development of customer experience departments, the mapping of the customer journey, the creation of personas, the deployment of organizational transformation strategies, the development of human capital as well as the implementation of technologies related to customer experience (CRM, CJO, CDP, VOC, call center software, E-commerce).

A real team player, she can mobilize employees toward the achievement of results and business objectives. As a good communicator, she shares her thought leadership about CX at conferences and has created various learning programs about CX. Since 2017, she has lectured at HEC Montreal for undergraduate and executive continuous studies programs. She is the co-founder of the CXPA Quebec community and is now a member of the board of directors for CXPA Canada.

Key Sessions

Course 1: Building your Customer Journey PracticeCourse 2: Connecting and Improving your Customer JourneysCourse 3: Measuring and Transforming your Experiences

Course 1: Building your Customer Journey Practice

A customer journey map (CJM) is a powerful tool to improve your citizen’s experiences and increase your agency’s efficiency. Whether or not you have experience in mapping customer journeys, this training will help you uncover the best practices for building a customer journey mapping methodology, the benefits and pitfalls of these tools, and how to get buy-in to implement this practice across your agency.

Module 1: Fundamentals of Customer Journey Mapping

  • From Citizen Experience to CJM: what are the fundamentals of CX that drive CJM activities?
  • What are CJMs? Why are they important to tell the story of a citizen’s experiences and satisfaction with government services.
  • How customer journey maps can be used to drive seamless CX to citizens and improve your organization’s efficiency.
  • Methodologies to create customer journey maps (including an introduction to Design Thinking and Service Design)
  • CJM is a team effort: getting the right stakeholders together to ensure a successful project

Breakout Activity: How CJM could benefit your agency’s current services and identify the pitfalls to avoid when implementing customer journey mapping.

Module 2: Mapping the Customer Journey

  • Creating a purpose for your CJM strategies, by establishing a value-driven approach to journey mapping that helps to guide decision-making and inform service design and delivery
  • Understanding the scope, depth, and types of customer journey mapping
  • Navigating the minefield CJMs including what to include in your CJM and which tools to use to map.
  • Research Wall: gathering the VoC, the VoE and all the data about the experience
  • Starting small to win your organization’s buy-in: prioritizing experiences to maps and building your business case.

Breakout Activity: Co-Development: In groups, uncover potential challenges in implementing Customer Journey Mapping within your agency.

Course 2: Connecting and Improving your Customer Journeys

Public sector leaders share one common goal: to provide the best possible service delivery to citizens. In today’s hyperconnected world, citizens expect a seamless and personalized experience when they interact with government departments and agencies. By using customer journey mapping as a strategic tool, you can learn to pinpoint customer touchpoints, better understand needs and preferences and – ultimately – create more engaging end-user experiences.

This training course will put every step of the customer journey under the microscope; from initial awareness of government services, to engagement, to post-service delivery follow-up. This step-by-step analysis will be used to provide practical tips for creating detailed citizen journey maps. You will emerge with the ability to improve key customer touchpoints, eliminate pain points, offer more seamless service delivery and drive desired citizen-centric outcomes.

Whether you work in local, provincial or federal government, Connecting and Improving Customer Journeys will provide invaluable insights into ways to leverage customer journey mapping to better serve your citizens. Join us as we discuss how to leverage Customer Journey Mapping to create more connected and compelling citizen journeys and improve the overall citizen experience.

Module 3: From Research to Insights

  • Leveraging research to improve customer journeys: methodologies to fill knowledge gaps
  • Towards a deeper understanding of customer journeys: translating research and data into actionable insights

Module 4: Delineations and Variations of Customer Journey Maps

  • Mapping in real time: examining real life customer journeys and envisioning ways to improve future experiences
  • Mapping for global vs specific experiences: from macro to micro journeys and person-specific experiences
  • Connecting employee and customer journeys for 2-tiered improvements

Module 5: Connecting Journeys to Create a Unified and Seamless Experience

  • Touchpoint inventory: collecting and examining ‘points of contact’ to develop a comprehensive view of citizens’ interactions and experiences
  • The Journey Ecosystem: creating a hierarchy of maps to prioritize and link different touchpoints and interactions
  • From Mapping to Processes: using insights to develop techniques to improve customer interactions, experiences and service delivery

Module 6: Using Journey Maps to Educate and Enhance Decision-Making

  • Creating a Journey Map: using customer journey mapping as a tool to communicate and educate
  • Customer Journey Mapping to Improve Decision-Making: unlocking ways to use customer journey mapping to improve decision-making across multiple departments

Course 3: Measuring and Transforming your Experiences

Orchestrating and measuring experiences across the organization is one of the biggest challenges for CX experts. It is critical to developing a sustainable methodology and an ecosystem for customer journey map (CJM) projects that allow for the collection and measurement of data to increase continuous improvement and innovation.

This training is designed for those who use journey maps already in their agency and need to gain a more in-depth understanding of techniques and tools to maximize the return on investment of customer journey mapping initiatives. You will leave equipped with a thorough understanding of how customer journey mapping can be applied and communicated at both strategic and operational levels. You will also know how to create a roadmap for implementation and change management.

Module 7: Advanced Techniques for Customer Journey Mapping

  • CX Technology: Customer journey orchestration tools

Module 8: Translating Your Journey into Transformation Roadmaps and Action Plans

  • Explaining how your CJM will transform business operations
  • Maintaining your CJM as a living document, and ensuring they evolve over time
  • Creating roadmaps and action plans

Module 9: Developing Processes to Measure and Improve your Citizen Experiences

  • Measuring touchpoints, improvements and creating a CX Dashboard with Customer Journey Mapping
  • How to measure and analyze the health of your customer journeys
  • Translating KPI results into action plans
  • Creating improvement loops and feedback loops


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